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Easy Ways To Incorporate Exercise Into Busy Lives

Easy Ways To Incorporate Exercise Into Busy Lives

Each day has 24 hours, but those hours pass in the blink of an eye. Time is running out, work is piling up, and we seldom get time for ourselves. This means no time to pamper ourselves, eat healthy, commit to a workout routine, or go to a gym nearby. Joining a gym helps greatly, […]

How to Transform Your Life in 2020

For the first podcast of the new year our host Bob Thompson and Chaz Malewski of Legion Transformation Center, discuss the struggles of chasing your goals in and out of the gym. Sharing how to avoid repeating past mistakes from their experiences in their personal lives and as trainers at Legion. Diving deep into topics […]

The ONLY 3 Things You Need To Learn to Be Successful in Fitness

Some of the most challenging aspects of fitness have nothing to do with diet or exercise; they deal with your mindset and preparation. In this episode we explore how to set realistic goals, lies of the fitness industry (that have been keeping you stuck), and how to get motivated. We take a deep dive into […]

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